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Terms of Use

By uploading any video, picture or sound file of any type you agree to the following terms of use:

1. Don’t upload any copyrighted files. Make sure - before the upload - that you have the copyrights to share this file with others and to upload it onto a public server for others to download it for free. Same for the music you are using in these videos.
2. Do not upload files with any kind of the following, forbidden content: sexual, advertising, criminal, racism, violence, unauthorized personal of a third party, off topic (only kitesports and action sports) , offensive, harmful
3. You agree to not use kiteforum.tv as a free hosting server for videos displayed on your (or any relationship) website. Any streaming with files hosted on kiteforum.tv are forbidden.
Violation to any of these rules will lead to a fine of Euro 1000,-.
4. By uploading any file to kiteforum.tv you take full responsibility of any content. In any case of violation kiteforum.tv will track your log files and bring you to full responsibility.
5. The moderator of this site keeps the rights to delete anything of the above listed content and will bring severe violations to the attention of official authorities.


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