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File: NKTV S03E06: 13 Years of Naish Kites

NKTV S03E06: 13 Years of Naish Kites
Posted on: 2013-09-18 10:13:39 by Naish Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding equipment has gone through incredible changes in a short period of time. Naish has been there since the beginning, at the forefront of innovating and moving the sport forward, always pushing the standard in performance, safety, and quality. Watch Robby Naish, Kevin Langeree and the Richman brothers lay out the full range of old and new Naish kiteboarding gear and fly it back to back to show you how dramatic the evolution of the sport has truly been. Check out today’s gear at naishkites.com and see what you’ve been waiting for. Producer: Naish Director: Alex Reinprecht Riders: Kevin Langeree, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Robby Naish Equipment: Kites- 2009 AR 3.5 through 2014 Draft, Torch, and Ride. Boards- Jaws gun made into a kiteboard through 2014 Monarch and Global wave 5'8".

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