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File: Sri Lanka FreeRide - Tom Court

Sri Lanka FreeRide - Tom Court
Posted on: 2013-05-25 19:07:07 by Tom Court
Since my trip to South Africa at the beginning of the year and I recovered from my broken rib after the redbull king of the air event, my year has been busy! A surf trip to Morocco and a few trips just for filming had made me hungry for some good kite kiteboarding... I though that it was time to re-visit one of the best freestyle locations that I have been in the last few years. Getting an invitation to go and stay and ride for a few weeks, I took the opportunity and flew out of the UK. Whilst I was there, we also did some advance kite clinic's alongside Fabio Ingrosso and explored some of the hundreds of flat water spots that exist in that area of Sri Lanka. It is as great place to kite if you are looking for a freestyle playground with flat water and strong winds, and what an amazing country!

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