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File: The New Flyboards Flydoor4 has arrived!

The New Flyboards Flydoor4 has arrived!
Posted on: 2012-12-10 11:31:04 by gmb13
We cannot hide how happy we are with our Flydoors. Whomever has ridden the Flydoor3 will testify on how good it combined light-wind kiting with a great riding experience. Now we present the newest evolution in the line: The Flydoor4. More information on: flysurfer.com Everyone has experienced it. You get to the spot and the wind-forecast has been a few knots too optimistic. With a Flydoor in your quiver this means having fun, instead of hanging around on the beach. The unbelievably early planing ability combined with the unexpectedly good handling is what makes the Flydoor4 stand out above the rest. Riding toe-side, jumping, cruising. The Flydoor4 just feels much smaller than it is, however still delivers unmatched upwind performance. Thanks to the centre fin there is no other twintip board, except the Flyrace, that goes upwind better.

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