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File: Safaga, Soma Bay, Red Sea, Egypt

Safaga, Soma Bay, Red Sea, Egypt
Posted on: 2006-03-30 14:40:07 by Detlef
These are some impressions from our last Christmas holidays in the hotel Shams Safaga, Soma Bay, Egypt. We celebrated there New Year’s eve. The rider at the end (with unhooked kiteloops) is Siljan from kitecoast.de.

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hammer at 2006-04-04 13:06:54
I actually enjoyed watching this video! Okay there isn't anything spectacular about the kitesurfing, some good jumps at the end. Over all the video is rather funky and shows you that even though the kitesurfing might not be spectacular you can still make a good video with what you have. I have only ever seen kitesurfing around the red sea in TV adverts. Nice to see abit more.


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