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File: Armin Harich testing new race board

Armin Harich testing new race board
Posted on: 2007-08-23 23:45:39 by Toby
Armin Harich from Flysurfer.com is testing new board types to keep a top position in course racing

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KiteLobster at 2007-08-24 09:51:59
Someone out there has tooooooo much money to burn. Controlling one hydrofoil is hard enough but two? I think you need to think things through first, such as, make a monoski (anyone out theher old enough to remember these?) and use one hydrofoil. Don't worry this idea I'll give you for free, but I'd love to see the video of how much better this idea will work. Jugend forscht ;-)) (although we're probably all too old). Cheers, kitelobster.com


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