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File: Naish Dub 2014 in depth

Naish Dub 2014 in depth
Posted on: 2014-02-14 23:31:40 by Naish Kiteboarding
Freestyle/Freeride The dub offers riders the best of both worlds...superior freestyle performance with the advantages of a wakestyle design. This combination delivers amazing drive, superior edging and insane pop. Sizes: 132x41, 134x42, 136x43, 138x43 Bottom Shaping: • 3D Trapezoidal Skid Plates = superior edging + drive • Beveled Edges = forgiveness on landings • Flat Center Converting to V Tips = easy sliding • Deep Double Channel = superb grip Key features: • Low Flex F32 = ideal for medium speed riding • Flex Torsion Control = increased stiffness in both the axial and torsional axis + superior control • 3-Stage Rocker R6/3/18 = chop-eating and forgiving with aggressive pop + back foot directional stability • 3D Step Rails = thin edges for solid grip Construction: • Supreme Pop Wood Core = unmatched reflex characteristics • High Tensile Gradated Laminates = durability + light weight tips • Full Length Carbon Top & Bottom = increased stiffness + superior flex response • Impact Reinforcement Zones = diffuses impact throughout the board for unmatched durability

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