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File: Sardinia Kitesurf Paradise

Sardinia Kitesurf Paradise
Posted on: 2013-06-17 17:29:04 by
Road-trip with my D-max through Sardinia, beginning in Porto Pollo in the Northeast and then on the west with the beautiful lagoon of Valledoria. Finishing with the south at Punta Trettu . Amazing sunset,green landscapes, Caribbean water, lagoon, pizza and tiramisu....and perfect spot for freestyle with  flat , flat and flat!! :) Nice waves spots also but that will be for next time! Riders: Charlotte Consorti / Bruno Dubosq Spots: Sardinia/ Italy , Porto Pollo, Valledoria, Punta Trettu Thanks to all my partners: F-one , Airwaves, Eafit, Isuzu, Carrera, Mystic, Superdry, Sosh, Withings

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