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File: Contraband - Jeremie Tronet's latest vid

Contraband - Jeremie Tronet's latest vid
Posted on: 2013-10-07 19:14:00 by JT
I announced a couple days ago on my Facebook page as well as on my website www.jeremietronet.com, that I have decided to no longer continue with Ocean Rodeo as a sponsor. After 10 years riding for the brand it definitely feels like a great change and opens me up to a huge amount of opportunities. I am still looking around at the moment to see what great brands are out there and I am not sure as yet which one I will get the chance to kite with. Not being with Ocean Rodeo does not mean that I will stop making videos and photos, far from it. To celebrate the change in my kitesurfing life, find here my latest kite movie I named "Contraband". I had a lot of fun filming it in the Caribbean on Union Island where I have set up my first JT Pro Center kitesurfing school. The video is a little different from my previous productions, it has pirates, planes and a beautiful girl in it... Now that I got you all excited and intrigued, I really hope you will like it, and if you do like it please share it on Facebook, Twitter, your local forums and websites - the more people who see it the more rewarded I feel. ;-)

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